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Casino Lübeck: Over 200,000 Guests In Five Years

In many places in Germany, the growing competition from the Internet is being called into question. Ever more Casinobetreiber and play hall owners feel disadvantaged, since clearly stricter regulations must be considered, than they on-line are present. The Casino Lübeck however can show up unimpressed, because within the last five years here more than 200,000 guests marched in and out.

2012 the play temple was opened

to find is the Casino Lübeck in the park Inn hotel – and that already since the year 2012. The opening was celebrated at that time naturally glanzvoll and just as glanzvoll ran the way of the casino to today. Still numerous guests storm daily into the gaming house, which could welcome only in the past week their 200,000 visitor. The guest was received naturally solemnly and was allowed to be pleased about an invitation to the meal and a bottle Champagner. Whether the lucky customer could clear afterwards also still at the play automats or table plays, is not well-known. Nevertheless: The Casino Luebeck shows that the increasing competition does not mean under any circumstances always something bad.

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