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Cs:Go Big Review

In today’s CS:GO casinos, Counter-Strike fans can kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand there is a lot of fun with different games, on the other hand you can clear beautiful skins for the CS:GO. Exactly this simple principle let the CS:GO Casinos gain in the last months enormously in meaning, whereby with CS:GO Big surely one of the most interesting addresses was found. The entire portfolio is enormously modern and can put many competitors with the impressive design in the shade. But there are some more convincing aspects, as our experience with CS:GO Big shows in the following.

Our experience with CS:GO Big

Who wants to visit the casino should definitely have some knowledge of English in his luggage. The entire offer is available at present only in this language – and that, although players from Great Britain and the USA may not participate at all. Nevertheless, we would like to point out in the CS:GO Big Review that the language should not be a real obstacle, especially as most terms are international. Far more convincing than the language, however, is the graphic design of the website. Here not only friendly colors were used, but at the same time also good demarcations between the individual buttons and menus were found. At first glance, the casino’s offer can be rated as very convincing, especially since the portfolio contains various games.

CS:GO Big im Check: Fraud or serious?

The most important proof that the CS:GO Big works seriously is the Provably Fair procedure of the games. This ensures that every single game round is not only executed correctly and fairly, but that the players can also get a picture of the results themselves afterwards. So if someone smells a CS:GO scam, he can get to the bottom of it in no time at all. Hardly astonishing thus that the Casino cannot complain also about an active clientele, but refers permanently to several hundred players, who are active at the same time. Small tip: In order to get a few impressions of the offer and the seriousness, the players can exchange themselves in the Chat also completely simply with the other customers of the casino. Should there be so certain points of criticism, those remain guaranteed not for a long time in the concealed.

The offer in the overview

Before it with the plays in the offer of the casino so correctly can go off, the customers must procure themselves only once the necessary Coins for the play participation. The players obtain these by selling their own skins to the provider via the trading platform. Depending on the value of the skins, a certain number of coins is credited, which can be used in the games. According to our CS:GO Big experience there are five different games in our portfolio, but not all of them are real casino games. One of the classics in general is the game Roulette, which nowadays is not missing in any CS:GO Casino. In addition, the game Jackpots is also available, which can be described as particularly interesting and lucrative. Several players put their amount into the pot, whereby the player with the largest bet also gets the highest chances of winning. The money is then paid out to a lucky customer who grabs the bets of the other players. Another game on offer is Coinflip, which can easily be translated as coin tossing. Interesting: According to our experience with CS:GO Big, the Mystery Boxes are completely new in our portfolio. These boxes are purchased, whereby the players do not know in advance exactly which skins are included here. If things go well, however, the cases turn out to be a real and, above all, inexpensive hit. Also to mention are the different giveaways according to our CS:GO Big experience. The players have to fulfill various tasks, for their completion they will be rewarded with free coins or skins from the provider. A regular examination of such offers is worthwhile itself under the line therefore clearly.

deposit: In the twinkling of an eye, the account is recharged

To be able to play the casino’s games, the coins are required from the provider. These are available in exchange for your own skins, which are added to your account via the deposit. By clicking on the deposit area, all skins that are currently in the player’s inventory are displayed. The skins that are to be sold now are simply selected and sold to the provider for a certain amount. The great thing: The exchange takes place immediately. The skins are removed directly from the portfolio, the number of coins immediately credited to the player account.

Security and regulation: No license, but serious offers

The fans of classic online casinos could possibly be irritated by the fact that the CS:GO Big does not have an official license from a regulatory authority. However, this is exclusively due to the fact that for CS:GO Casinos is not necessary at all, after all, there is no real money gambling here. The provably fair proof of the individual games makes it clear, however, that every player can still be sure of a fair process. By this the results of the rounds are always coincidentally released and can be examined afterwards also once again. A CS:GO Big fraud can thus be excluded in any case.

Support and customer service: FAQ area provides the greatest clarity

One hundred percent optimal customer service in the CS:GO Big has not yet been implemented. The fact that the players can seek direct contact to the admins should be emphasized positively. However, this is not possible via mail or contact form, but must be established via the Steam community. If this way is a bit too complicated for you, you can also take advantage of an additional FAQ area on the provider’s website. Here all general problems are discussed and explained in detail, so that with great probability also the own question can be cleared out of the way fast. Also here we want to point out once again that the entire website is currently only available in English. That includes the customer support of course, so that also here always only English contact and an English FAQ area can be taken up.

User friendliness: Here it looks really good

Optically the impression of the casino is described with few words. The offerer builds on an enormously modern organization, which was paired with a healthy color combination from grey and blue. Thus an attractive appearance results, which directs the focus of the players immediately on the substantial components. The control is not difficult at all, but can be implemented without much practice. At the same time a hint: Every player has certain design possibilities in the casino and can select red or green as additional colours in addition to blue, for example. Who has thus with the English language no problems, should be able to find its way in the offer of the casino at any time problem-free.

Fazit: Design and play selection convince

Small weaknesses are to be found with the offerer up-to-date in the customer support and the missing German translation. However, these are really only small details that do not contribute to a negative evaluation of the offer. Convincingly the Casino appears after our CS:GO Big experiences again within the range of the organization and the play selection. In addition, the entire offer can be described as enormously safe and fair, so that a CS:GO Big Fraud can definitely be ruled out. For the safe and entertaining play passport is provided here thus over the measures.

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